WTF Did I Just Show?!?

WTF Did I Just Show is a weekly radio show available on every Sunday night from 10PM to 11PM Eastern time, with a re-broadcast at 1am Eastern.

Hosted by Caller23, the WTF Did I Just Show explores the depth and breadth of the lost and found desk, located in sub-basement 23 (close to the communications desk with the public phone) of the Hypercube Labs world headquarters in Orlando, FL.

Although many of the episodes presented may, at first glance, appear to be identical, this is in fact the result of a new, patent pending content generation sub-system that algorithmicly constructs each episode with painstaking precision. As a result, each episode is a similar, but non-identical exploration in to cultural context and hubris.

Be sure to explore themes, and download the podcast versions of each episode using the episode list on the left.